Reviews for Kurt Eichholz, MD

Patient Testimonial - 2020-03-19 Rating: 5
I had a missing disc between L4/L5, Dr. Eichholz was able to correct it with no problem. I barely have a scar and it's only been 5 weeks. Office staff is great, overall awesome doctor, would definitely recommend Dr. Eichholz.

Patient Testimonial - 2019-11-08 Rating: 5
For three years I suffered from severe lower back pain and then I went to see Dr EICHHOLZ after his diagnosis I decided to have surgery and from the time I left the recovery room I have had no more pain.Dr Eichholz is a wonderful doctor and I would recommend any one who suffers from back pain make an appointment.  

Patient Testimonial - 2019-10-20 Rating: 5
Dr. Kurt Eichholz is everything you would want in a doctor: competent, thorough, and compassionate. Although he must be very busy, he never seems rushed when he is with you. He shows his respect and dignity by bringing you into the whole process showing/explaining any test results. Both my surgeries were very successful. I have recommended him to friends and they, too, were quite happy.

Patient Testimonial - 2019-09-28 Rating: 5
excellant experience and outcome. great doctor!

Patient Testimonial - 2019-05-29 Rating: 5
I highly recommend Dr Eichholz. He is a great doctor and surgeon. I had him perform surgery on my herniated disk, and when I needed surgery a few months later, I definitely wanted Dr Eichholz. You can’t do better.

Patient Testimonial - 2018-08-29 Rating: 5
Dr. Kurt Eichholz and his team are top notch, caring & a very comforting, professional office. I highly recommend them.

Patient Testimonial - 2018-08-22 Rating: 5
Always excellent service from office staff and Dr. Eichholz changed my life. I refer anyone with back issues to him thank u.

Patient Testimonial - 2018-07-19 Rating: 5
I've had great results and care

Patient Testimonial - 2018-07-19 Rating: 5

Patient Testimonial - 2018-06-06 Rating: 5
I cant recommend Dr, Eichholz enough! He performed my disc replacement surgery perfectly and I feel better than ever! Liz Z. took care of any and every concern that I had with paperwork, insurance and the overall process from start to finish. Dr. Eichholz has a top notch, caring staff and I am blessed to have had them and Kurt help give me my quality of life back!

Patient Testimonial - 2018-01-25 Rating: 5
I am extremely satisfied with Dr. Eichholz and his staff. I receive nothing but the best service and professional care. I have had multiple spinal conditions and Dr Eichholz clearly identifies the problem, provides options that I can understand, and never feel rushed. From pre-surgery to post surgery and anything in between, he and his staff makes every effort to give me peace of mind and safe during a challenging moment in my life. I am so grateful to have selected him and his team. They are absolutely amazing. Thank you!

Patient Testimonial - 2017-12-08 Rating: 5
Dr. Eichholz is GREAT!! I like his straight forward, "get it done" approach. His office staff is an asset To doctor and to his reputation. Everyone is so very willing to help! No question is a bother. All are willing and eager to help. I've already recommended doctor. Someone else did the same for me. Thank you. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!

Patient Testimonial - 2017-09-11 Rating: 5
Dr. Eichholz performed my minimally invasive spinal surgery on two levels. I am very pleased with my outcome. He is a true professional! His office staff is very helpful also. I would highly recommend Dr. Eichholz for minimally invasive spine surgery based on my results.

Patient Testimonial - 2016-06-09 Rating: 5
Great experience with Dr Eichholz and his staff. Very caring and open to finding the best solution for me. I would definitely reccommed

Patient Testimonial - 2016-06-09 Rating: 5
Great experience with Dr Eichholz and staff. Very caring and open to finding best solution for me. I would definitely recommend.

Patient Testimonial - 2016-03-23 Rating: 5
This is my 2nd surgery with Dr. Eicholz( unrelated incidences) and I am pleased with the minimally invasive procedures. His office staff is fantastic! I would highly recommend this practice.

Patient Testimonial - 2016-03-10 Rating: 5
Loved everything about the whole experience. From the doctor and the whole staff. I highly recommend them for anyone having back troubles

Patient Testimonial - 2016-02-26 Rating: 5
Thank you to Dr. Eichholz and staff for making me feel comfortable and confident in my surgery choice. I am so happy that I was able to always know I could call and ask my many questions and never felt like a bother, but welcomed. Thank you.

Patient Testimonial - 2016-02-23 Rating: 5
Feel operation was a success because back pain and sciatica pain are gone. Didn't realize recovery however was going to go so slowly and take so long.

Patient Testimonial - 2016-02-08 Rating: 5
I was operated on by Dr. Eichholz on Nov. 30,2015 to alleviate some spinal stenosis. I was totally impressed by how well the operation and recovery went...a total of 4 hours from start until I left the surgery center. Six weeks later I was able to resume all physical activities. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Eichholz to anyone needing his specialty of minimally invasive spine surgery.

Patient Testimonial - 2016-01-15 Rating: 5
Dr. Eichholz is a very caring and wonderful doctor. He takes time to contact his patients personally and really cares about you.

Patient Testimonial - 2016-01-07 Rating: 5
Outstanding treatment from start to finish. Dr. Eichholz gave me my life back. Great staff at his office also.

Patient Testimonial - 2016-01-07 Rating: 5
Well run office and staff.

Patient Testimonial - 2016-01-07 Rating: 5
Very informative of procedure before surgery. Would have liked an in person visit by doctor vs phone call with my family after surgery was completed. All in all, a good experience.

Patient Testimonial - 2016-01-07 Rating: 5
Great doctor listens to you!