Reviews for David J. Rodricks, MD

Patient Testimonial - 2018-07-01 Rating: 5
Dr. Rodricks explained everything about my knee replacement from the beginning so there were no surprises. He did an amazing job replacing my knee and the scar looks great, for a scar! He was positive and willing to answer any questions I had. When I get my next knee replaced, I plan on having him do it.

Patient Testimonial - 2018-05-25 Rating: 5
Excellent doctor, staff and office, friendly and cooperative. Doctor took his time and explained everything very well. Would come here again.

Patient Testimonial - 2018-05-22 Rating: 5
Excellent doctor, staff, and office, Friendly and cooperative doctor took his time and explained everything very well, would come here again.  

Patient Testimonial - 2018-02-20 Rating: 5
Had 2 hip replacements in 8 months. Feel Fantastic. Dr Roderick's has Jesus Hands.

Patient Testimonial - 2017-08-30 Rating: 5
Dr Rodrick put me completely at ease, answered all my questions and was very informative. nor did he rush me.

Patient Testimonial - 2017-08-30 Rating: 5
Dr. Rodricks was excellent. He is a very kind,caring and patient doctor and surgeon. Thanks to him I am back living life. I can't thank him enough.

Patient Testimonial - 2017-07-06 Rating: 5
Dr. Rodricks performed bilateral hip replacements. I have done really well and returned to work in 6 weeks. The follow up care in the hospital by Dr. Rodricks and his PA's was caring, knowledageable, professional. I would recommend Dr.Rodricks anytime over other well known orthopedic establishments that i experienced. I am a physical therapist so im somewhat educated on proper medical manafement of orthopedic conditions.althoygh my recovery was initially complicated, 6 weeks later i can walk 1 mile without pain.

Patient Testimonial - 2017-06-20 Rating: 5
Excellent orthopedic group. Emergency surgery by Dr. Law when I fractured my hip was perfect and I have had no problems over the years. Dr. Rodricks is thorough, takes his time, and has provided excellent care. I am very pleased and happy with this group....very professional, knowledgeable, and caring.

Patient Testimonial - 2017-05-12 Rating: 5
I had a thr from my first visit to my year follow up Dr. Rodricks has been compassionate, information and patient. I would highly recommend Dr. Rodricks to family or friends.

Patient Testimonial - 2017-04-07 Rating: 5
I can't say enough good things about Brielle Orthopedics and constantly recommend Dr. Rodricks and the facility to everyone!

Patient Testimonial - 2017-04-07 Rating: 5
Dr Rodricks is number 1 in my book.excellent surgeon.

Patient Testimonial - 2017-03-27 Rating: 5
About seven years ago another doctor from your office- Dr Rodricks did a double knee surgery on me- he did an excellant job. Whenever the subject of knee surgery has been brought - I suggested Dr. Rodricks.

Patient Testimonial - 2017-02-10 Rating: 5
Dr. Rodricks is the best.. He is professional and explains everything in such way That it makes you feel like he cares.... he is not in a hurry He takes his time explaining everything... I had already Replacement and waiting for the other one to be done And I would not go anywhere but Dr. Rodicks....

Patient Testimonial - 2017-02-10 Rating: 5
Have already recommended your office to others some have made appointments! The experience relatively speaking was almost pleasant. The recovery was quick, the doctors and staff we excellent! Thanks to all!

Patient Testimonial - 2017-01-04 Rating: 5
I have dealt with and had surgery with both Dr. Rodricks and Dr. Marsicano. I have been given excellent care. Their bedside manner is comforting and informative. A++++!!

Patient Testimonial - 2017-01-04 Rating: 5
Dr. Rodrick's reputation precedes him and rightfully so. A few people from my church, Mother and daughter both had knee replacements were extremely satisfied as I was.

Patient Testimonial - 2016-11-10 Rating: 5
I have visited BO for 10+ yrs , had a mix of Doctors for my various ailments & have not found any fault with any Doc for any reason. They have always healed what ailed me.

Patient Testimonial - 2016-10-14 Rating: 5
My experience with Brielle orthopedics has always been positive and I always hear positive comments from friends and family, too. I am never disappointed.

Patient Testimonial - 2016-10-14 Rating: 5
Love Dr Rodricks and the entire experience at Brielle Orthopedics

Patient Testimonial - 2016-09-22 Rating: 5
They are extremely Professional & caring so much &; makes you feel comfortable & calm regarding any procedure

Patient Testimonial - 2016-09-22 Rating: 5
Dr. Rodricks is great

Patient Testimonial - 2016-08-30 Rating: 5
Dr. Rodricks is very professional and courteous. He always makes you feel at ease. His surgical skills are second to none. This was my third surgery with Dr. Rodricks. I would highly recommend that anyone looking to have surgery use him. He takes the time to insure that you go through your procedure knowing the process every step of the way. I cannot say enough about the quality of care he provides. The support staff at BrielleOrthopedics is very professional, and they help you every step of the way

Patient Testimonial - 2016-08-19 Rating: 5
Dr. Rodricks has an exceptional bedside manor. He answered every question I had and was very assuring from pre op through post op. I would not hesitate, if needed, to have him replace my other hip or refer him to my family and friends.

Patient Testimonial - 2016-08-19 Rating: 5
Everyone was extremely professional and put me at ease. Dr. Rodricks answered all of my questions and concerns. His treatment was perfect. Thank you Dr Rodricks (and Dr. Law a few years back when I fractured my hip). An excellent ground.

Patient Testimonial - 2016-06-16 Rating: 5
Very professional, great doctor. The staff is very friendly & helpful.