Reviews for Donald Mackenzie, MD

Patient Testimonial - 2019-05-02 Rating: 5
Dr. Mackenzie has excellent bedside manners. He is very thorough and confident. The office staff is as excellent as he is. I was treated with respect and always in fomed every step of the way.I am extremely pleased with my experience. I highly recommended Dr Mackenzie and his staff for your spinal needs.

Patient Testimonial - 2019-02-18 Rating: 5
After multiple visits with other doctors saying nothing was wrong with me, Dr. Mackenzie was the first one to take the time to listen & then go step by step in an understandable way to diagnose my problem. After doing everything possible to alleviate my pain, only then did he say that surgery was inevitable due to disc degeration. I had the surgery, and the prescribed physical therapy. I walked every day to continue the healing process & I became pain-free. That was in 2010. I am still pain-free today. Anyone I know that has back or neck problems, I recommend Dr. Mackenzie as the BEST doctor in the metroplex. I came back after 8.5 years with another issue, & again, I became so much better after physical therapy & work exercising at home. Thank you again, Dr. Mackenzie!

Patient Testimonial - 2019-02-14 Rating: 5
Your the. Best.God bless you and your staff

Patient Testimonial - 2019-01-31 Rating: 5
I highly recommend Dr. Mackenzie and the entire staff. They couldn't have been more friendly or helpful. I had been on crutches for two months.. and in constant excruciating pain with a herniated disc. I wanted to exhaust all of my options prior to going into surgery. I walked into the hospital on crutches, had my surgery, went home and hung up the crutches! WAY TO GO DR. MACKENZIE!!

Patient Testimonial - 2018-11-29 Rating: 5
Absolutely, the best that I have felt in three years related to the discomfort of constant lower back pain and sciatica !! Amazingly, this result was achieved without surgery and a constant diet of pain meds. Instead, Dr. McKenzie methodically approached my back pain and leg issues via his hypothesis of what my problem possibly was based on the information that I shared with him and the immediate pain issues that I was dealing with. I was sent by Dr. MacKenzie to Dr. P. Flavill who did nerve testing that confirmed Dr. MacKenzie's suspicions of the source of my problem. Dr. MacKenzie then clearly explained to me what the testing confirmed and how my problem could be corrected via very targeted therapy. I immediately knew after my first week of therapy that we were on the right track !! While other Doctor's dismissed my pain as being directly related to age related degenerative spine issues, Dr. MacKenzie chose not to dismiss my problem as being solely related to this !! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You Dr. MacKenzie !!

Patient Testimonial - 2018-11-28 Rating: 5

Patient Testimonial - 2018-11-28 Rating: 5
Dr. Macenkinze took great care of my husband. His surgery is very successful. He used a great hospital. Life is better.

Patient Testimonial - 2018-11-28 Rating: 5
Best DOCTOR ever been too!

Patient Testimonial - 2018-11-28 Rating: 5
Incredible experience!! Dr Mackenzie is an incredible surgeon. He has an amazing bedside manner. He is the only one I trust to work on my spine.

Patient Testimonial - 2018-08-30 Rating: 5
Very professional and genuinely caring. World class Dr. and amazing staff.

Patient Testimonial - 2018-06-28 Rating: 5
Dr Mackenzie and his staff are so caring and helpful! The Drs bedside manner is only out done by his skill with the scalpel. 3 weeks post op, my life has changed forever. 30 years of daily suffering finally ended. Thanks Dr Mackenzie!

Patient Testimonial - 2018-06-28 Rating: 5
Have had various back problems over the past 20 years, and Dr McKenzie has done a fantastic job fixing me.

Patient Testimonial - 2018-06-25 Rating: 5
Great Doctor and Staff. Thank you Mr. M!

Patient Testimonial - 2018-06-13 Rating: 5
Great doctor and staff. Would highly recommended

Patient Testimonial - 2018-06-13 Rating: 5
Muy agradecida. What lovely staff

Patient Testimonial - 2018-06-13 Rating: 5
Dr. m Dr. Mackenzie is a wonderful doctor. he wonderful doctor and surgeon. really cares about his patients. night great doctor! really cares about patients. m

Patient Testimonial - 2018-05-23 Rating: 5
Dr Mackienze's staff excellent, cordial, professional, and helpful. Dr Mackenzie is a top surgeon. I am very pleased with his surgery on me.

Patient Testimonial - 2018-05-21 Rating: 5
There was a lots of trouble finding a provider that accepted my insurance but the assistant was very relentless until she found the right provider . She has my greatest compliment for her effort, very professional.

Patient Testimonial - 2017-10-19 Rating: 5
The staff is always very helpful!!

Patient Testimonial - 2017-10-19 Rating: 5
You ALL are so very nice!' d net y surgery

Patient Testimonial - 2017-10-04 Rating: 5
Best Orthopedic Doctor I have seen. Highly recommend

Patient Testimonial - 2017-09-21 Rating: 5
I have received excellent care and treatment I had a fusion surgery that has taken away pain and allowed me to resume my routine. Awesome office staff. I am always treated well and very timely. I would highly recommend Dr. Mackenzie and his team.

Patient Testimonial - 2017-09-13 Rating: 5
Dr Mackenzie is a wonderful surgeon and did a fantastic job on my latest surgery. His office even sent me a plant during my recovery, and I have never had a surgeon care like he has. I completely recommend him for any back surgery needs.

Patient Testimonial - 2017-09-06 Rating: 5
Dr Mackenzie is in my opinion one of the best Doctor's in his field. He and his staff are so pleasant and professional. Dr. Mackenzie talks to you with heart felt concern that make you comfortable through out treatment. I would highly recommend Dr. Mackenzie for the patient that wants the best possible care!

Patient Testimonial - 2017-08-17 Rating: 5
The doctor was professional and yet personable enough to put me at ease. I am grateful for his skill and knowledge .