Reviews for Arthur J. Ulm, III, MD

Patient Testimonial - 2019-08-08 Rating: 5
Dr. Ulm and Erica Pennington have been so very helpful and kind during all my surgeries and back pain. I would not trust anyone else with what I had to have done.

Patient Testimonial - 2019-07-30 Rating: 5
Darice Spackman was very kind, patient, and explained everything very clearly to us about my back problem. Very pleased with her.

Patient Testimonial - 2019-07-25 Rating: 5
I love Dr. Ulm! my surgery was 07/02/2018. When I woke up in recovery, I know I was healed. I was on my back, I could not lay on my back before surgery! Praise the Lord! My recent visit was awesome! Successful back surgery! No pain and I have certainly gained! I have recommended Dr. Ulm and staff to many friends that have back issues. I hope to continue a once a year appointment and CT Scan to monitor the situation. If we leave town, I will continue to visit. Thank you God for Dr. Ulm.

Patient Testimonial - 2019-07-11 Rating: 5
Everyone has been very kind at this visit. Dr. Ulm is so informative and calming. His assistant Mo was very helpful and kind as well during and after my procedure.

Patient Testimonial - 2019-06-25 Rating: 5
Successful surgery. I felt very comfortable that Dr. Ulm was not knife happy. He and his wonderful staff gave me all the information and I was able to make my decision. The staff is very professional, courteous and caring. Darice and Ronny are wonderful to work with, super stars.

Patient Testimonial - 2019-06-04 Rating: 5
Becky Woo was wonderful. She was great in assisting me with having my Aunt Linda Mayes come to her post op appointment to have stitches removed.

Patient Testimonial - 2018-11-13 Rating: 5
Dr. Ulm is so over the top. I love getting to talk with him because he is always honest about my health. He has changed my life and made me a new person. His staff is wonderful. Rony is always so helpful and is on top of things when I call her. I couldn't ask for a better doctor.

Patient Testimonial - 2018-11-02 Rating: 5
All the people in the office are so nice and patient and understanding. Clinic days are really busy, the waiting room is packed, and people get grumpy and restless with a really long wait, but the staff is patient and good at crowd control. Amy Wynn is wonderful. She is patient as well, supplies good information, offers possible options clearly, and basically has an excellent bedside manner.

Patient Testimonial - 2018-09-21 Rating: 5
Every visit here has been good. Staff is very friendly and and quality of care is always top notch. Dr. Ulm has a great bedside manner and made sure I had all of my questions answered. Great office and staff.

Patient Testimonial - 2018-09-18 Rating: 5
We have had a good experience, but I feel like it is hard to get phone calls returned. We have had more luck with better communication when we have called to ask questions about appointments. Amy has been great at answering questions and sharing information with us.

Patient Testimonial - 2018-09-18 Rating: 5
Amy Wynn is wonderful. I just got really bad news and she made me feel better about it while thoroughly explaining the problem, likely causes of it, and outlining the steps ahead. It is especially hard to make it easier to receive bad news. I'm thankful and want to share my experience. I recommend her.

Patient Testimonial - 2018-09-12 Rating: 5
Responds very well to my needs. Very attentive and understanding of my issues. I would not like to see anyone else. Does a great job.

Patient Testimonial - 2018-09-11 Rating: 5
Erica has been amazing through the process from beginning to end of brain surgery. She never rushes me and listens very attentively to all of my questions. She is very kind. Part of a great team. Ronnie is awesome. She is very professional and kind. She is always there for me when I need her. She is very organized. She is the best in the business. She is part of a great team. Dr. Ulm saved my life. He is very intelligent. He saved my life and I will be forever grateful. He has awesome bed side manners. He was very kind and informative to my family after surgery. My oldest daughter said he even drew an example of my brain. She said not only is he a fantastic brain surgeon, he is also a great artist. Dr. Ulm saved me so my daughters will have their mother around a long time. He has the best of the best on his team.

Patient Testimonial - 2018-09-11 Rating: 5
I give Dr. Ulm a 5 star. He's kind and caring.

Patient Testimonial - 2018-08-30 Rating: 5
I cannot begin to tell you what a miracle these people have been for my son. I saw him go from excruciating pain and almost down completely to up and about in one week - with hardly no no pain at all. All I can say is these doctors are a God send for my son. Would highly recommend them to anyone. They care and they know what they are doing. Thanks to you all and God Bless. May your business flourish.

Patient Testimonial - 2018-08-24 Rating: 5
Very personable and thorough.

Patient Testimonial - 2018-08-24 Rating: 5
Gave me lots of information that was helpful and listened to me when I had questions.

Patient Testimonial - 2018-08-24 Rating: 5
Everyone in Dr. Ulm's office is amazing! Amy, Darice, and Dr. Ulm were all very kind and wonderful. I would recommend them to anyone. Thank you for making my back feel like new.

Patient Testimonial - 2018-08-24 Rating: 5
Always very kind and considerate, everyone from the front desk to the MA's, NP's, and surgeons. I recommend this office to any and everyone who is having any back or neck pain. Love this office.

Patient Testimonial - 2018-08-20 Rating: 5
Everyone was absolutely fantastic and answered every question that was asked. Loved Darice Spackman and Dr. Ulm. They took such good care of me. Staff was extremely friendly and helpful.

Patient Testimonial - 2018-08-09 Rating: 5
Everybody is wonderful. They are friendly. The doctors do wonderful work!

Patient Testimonial - 2018-07-27 Rating: 5
Darice was very thorough and informative. Thanks for taking care of me.

Patient Testimonial - 2018-07-27 Rating: 5
My back surgery changed my life to where I'm up and moving around again and feeling great.

Patient Testimonial - 2018-07-27 Rating: 5
Dr. Ulm fixed me. Yeah!

Patient Testimonial - 2018-07-27 Rating: 5
They treat me nice and make sure everything is okay. They are good doctors and nurses.