Reviews for Dr. Christopher L. Anderson

Patient Testimonial - 2019-11-01 Rating: 5
Dr. Anderson did a great job on my total knee replacement...

Patient Testimonial - 2019-10-31 Rating: 5
Explained procedure in detail & answered all questions. Allowed plenty of time during office visits--didn't feel rushed. Great care!

Patient Testimonial - 2019-10-17 Rating: 5
shirley- very happy with surgery and recovery care! Thank You!!

Patient Testimonial - 2019-10-10 Rating: 5
I felt listened to and respected through this journey. Would recommend Dr. Anderson and his professional staff to everyone.

Patient Testimonial - 2019-10-03 Rating: 5
I have been so pleased with my treatment here..Brandi is especially helpful if I call with a question. I would definitely reccomend Dr. Anderson.

Patient Testimonial - 2019-09-13 Rating: 5
surgery was great done by the doctor

Patient Testimonial - 2019-09-06 Rating: 5
Dr. Anderson , Dr.Troy and staff are wonderful

Patient Testimonial - 2019-09-06 Rating: 5
great job. thanks much.

Patient Testimonial - 2019-09-05 Rating: 5
Dr. Anderson is the best knee doctor I could have found. I was in so much pain before my knee replacement. Dr. Anderson and his staff have helped me so much, that I'm back for the other knee. I would like to tell anyone who is unsure that he will explain everything and put you at ease. It was the best deceision I could have made and I am very grateful to the whole staff. I have recomended Dr. Anderson to a close friend and she has the very same opinion. Thank you so much.

Patient Testimonial - 2019-09-05 Rating: 5
dr anderson is great he listens to concerns about your surgery

Patient Testimonial - 2019-08-22 Rating: 5
He is a very wonderful and caring Doctor!!

Patient Testimonial - 2019-07-18 Rating: 5
Just loved everybody

Patient Testimonial - 2019-06-28 Rating: 5
Very pleased with my right knee surgery. Everthing has been going good with motion and very little pain. I would highly recommend Dr. Anderson and plan to come back for my left knee replacement.

Patient Testimonial - 2019-06-27 Rating: 5
This has been the best experience with a surgeon I've ever had. Most appointments are prompt and Dr. Anderson is wonderful. Have had a very good hip replacement experience

Patient Testimonial - 2019-06-13 Rating: 5
I am so thankful Dr. Anderson agreed to do my hip revision. My 29 year old hip replacement was in bad shape and Dr. Anderson really did a good job with my new hip. His staff has been great and I am very pleased.

Patient Testimonial - 2019-06-13 Rating: 5
I got fantastic care with my knee replacement! Dr. Anderson did an excellant job. I got my surgery 6 weeks ago and i do not walk with a cane or a walker. The scar is barely noticable. The girls in the office are always friendly and helpful.

Patient Testimonial - 2019-05-30 Rating: 5
My knee replacement surgery has been life changing! The pain is gone and I am returning to my normal activities. Thank you!!!

Patient Testimonial - 2019-05-17 Rating: 5
A wonderful experience, considering!  

Patient Testimonial - 2019-05-16 Rating: 5
Great job! I appreciate how you explained everything to me.

Patient Testimonial - 2019-04-11 Rating: 5
Dr. Anderson has done a great job on my new knees. He and all of the staff are wonderful. I appreciate all they have done for me.

Patient Testimonial - 2019-04-05 Rating: 5
Thanks! Great Job. :)

Patient Testimonial - 2019-04-05 Rating: 5
Dr. Anderson was great. Explained everything, was caring, and does great work. Would highly recommend!

Patient Testimonial - 2019-04-04 Rating: 5
Dr. Anderson and staff are wonderful!

Patient Testimonial - 2019-04-04 Rating: 5
So far, so good!

Patient Testimonial - 2019-02-28 Rating: 5
Thank you for Dr. Anderson's expertise. I am walking now and clear of infections from before. Thank you so much!