Patient Testimonial - 2015-04-15 Rating: 5
Just released back to work - no restrictions! Nine months since my left rotator cuff surgery and a little over four months since my right rotator cuff surgery. All is well, working through therapy at the facility and at home. Better days and movement ahead. Great service and support from Dr. Baxter and his staff! Thanks!

Patient Testimonial - 2015-04-15 Rating: 5
Dr. Malcolm Baxter performed two knee replacements at the same time. It's been about 7 years and I feel like I have normal knees for the most part. Of course I don't jump in the air, but I'm pain free and doing great. I would recommend Dr. Baxter for anyone who needs knee replacements. I'm glad I did mine at the same time. I would never trust any joint replacement to anyone else. The key is the right doctor, and to make sure you do your rehab with the proper post operative pain control. I think Dr. Baxter is great! No kidding!!!

Patient Testimonial - 2015-04-13 Rating: 5
I just finished my 6 week post operative appointment with Dr. Baxter and feel incredible. I start my first thherapy today as well and can't wait to get started. This has been another fantastic experience for me Dr. Baxter has made the transition back to being the best I can remember ever. He has done two major rotator cuff surgeries and a labrum surgery on me previously and every time I come back stronger and better than before. I would strongly recommend him to anyone needing surgery for anything in his area of expertise.

Patient Testimonial - 2015-04-13 Rating: 5
Dr. Baxter relieved my hip pain. As quickly as a day after his hip arthroscopy surgery I could tell his procedure had fixed what was causing my hip to pop every time I stood up or sat down. I recommend his treatment to anyone suffering a torn labrum/hip-popping syndrome.

Patient Testimonial - 2015-04-02 Rating: 5
Dr.Baxter did a wonderful job on my rotator cuff surgery. Am now 3 months out with physical therapy and am progressing to a full recovery. Highly recommend Baxter and his staff. To complete the procee you MUST do the P.T. To fully recover.

Patient Testimonial - 2015-04-01 Rating: 5
Dr. Baxter did surgery to repair broken left hip 3 months ago. I have recovered well, and my greatest discomfort is in the lower back from problems unrelated to the hip fracture. My husband and I especially appreciate Dr. Baxter's having prayer with us the night before surgery.

Patient Testimonial - 2015-03-27 Rating: 5
Dear folks at premiere,I am 3 months out of complete Acl Replacement.feeling great,have returned to work with no complications.i would recommend Dr. Baxter and his crew hands down.i am in tip top shape after my therapy routine and have actually lost 20 lbs. thanks premiere I would choose them over and over again.

Patient Testimonial - 2015-03-24 Rating: 5
8 weeks out from hip arthroscopy, everything is progressing great. The discomfort from my original injury is gone and I am working on rebuilding the strength in my upper leg. I am very pleased with every aspect of my surgery (per & post).

Patient Testimonial - 2015-03-23 Rating: 5
Less than three months after surgery, I am walking miles each day. Dr. Baxter, staff and Southern Hills Hospital is the BEST place to go for knee surgery! The entire experience, from preoperative counseling to discharge was a totally positive experience. P.S. it feels great to be able to walk again, without pain!

Patient Testimonial - 2015-03-23 Rating: 5
Went for final exam after rotator cuff surgery and doing great. Dr. Baxter is very thorough and also cautious in letting me do too much since I feel so good now. He is a great doctor to take care of any arthroscopic needs.

Patient Testimonial - 2015-03-09 Rating: 5
Just did my rotator surgery last Friday and had my post op appointment today. This was my 2nd rotator surgery by Dr. Baxter. I would have no one else do my surgery but him. I trust him totally, value his surgical skills and his demeanor is awesome! He is skilled, professional and makes a challenging situation extremely comfortable and safe. I would recommend Dr. Baxter to anyone considering or necessitates orthopedic surgery now or in the future. It is or will be the best decision you ever make.

Patient Testimonial - 2015-03-09 Rating: 5
I have tore up my shoulder at work. After having a surgery done by Dr. Baxter 3 months later I am good as new. Thank you Dr. Baxter. This place is awesome.

Patient Testimonial - 2015-03-06 Rating: 5
Dislocated shoulder. Unfortunately waited two weeks. Didn't put me down. He said that is past, now we need to look at getting fixed. Went over all the pros and cons and what could happen. Surgery went great, very thankful for his years of experience.

Patient Testimonial - 2015-03-03 Rating: 5
Had rotator cuff repair. Dr. Baxter and his office staff were wonderful. Would recommend them to anyone.

Patient Testimonial - 2015-02-25 Rating: 5
I had rotater cluf surgery. Performed by Dr,Baxter it was the best treatment I have ever received. Dr, Baxter and his staff is number 1 in my experience. Thank you Dr Baxter.

Patient Testimonial - 2015-02-24 Rating: 5
Dr.baxter is a wonderful doctor. My ankle has been restored.

Patient Testimonial - 2015-02-24 Rating: 5
Dr Baxter was very helpful during in fixing my broke wrist... Surgery was flawless and he did a great job. I was very impressed with the over all progress. Thank you

Patient Testimonial - 2015-02-19 Rating: 5
I had a total shoulder replacement just over a year ago at the age of 62. The surgery was very successful and have great mobility. Dr. Baxter is extremely caring and focused on my healing. The staff here at Premier is fantastic.

Patient Testimonial - 2015-02-19 Rating: 5
I had rotator cuff surgery and bicep tendon reattachment. Dr. Baxter is one of the best doctors i've ever had treat me for anything. He is very knowledgable and is very thorough in evaluating and treating his patients. I couldn't have made a better decision for my surgery. I highly recommend him for your treatment.

Patient Testimonial - 2015-02-13 Rating: 5
I've had meniscus repair surgery on my knee. Five days after it I went to work. Thanks to dr Baxter and his great staff. If needed will seek help again.

Patient Testimonial - 2015-02-12 Rating: 5
Just had knee replacement surgery last week. I am so happy had this done. It has been a great help to me already. Dr. Baxter has done excellent work. He explains everything so well and is very encouraging. I would recommend him 100% .

Patient Testimonial - 2015-02-09 Rating: 5
Dr Baxter was great! No nonsense and matter of fact while getting the job done. Loved that we had prayer before surgery.

Patient Testimonial - 2015-02-09 Rating: 5
Dr. Baxter was excellent. He put me at ease with the surgery. We said a prayer before surgery which I appreciated and everything went real well. I was back up and going very quickly.

Patient Testimonial - 2015-02-04 Rating: 5
5 weeks out of complete acl and miniskus surgery I'm in great shape.pain is minimal and I am feeling whole experience with this facility has been great.its like one big family here and I feel part of that family.i would definitely recommend this place to everyone

Patient Testimonial - 2015-02-02 Rating: 5
Dr. Baxter did an excellent job on my knee 'scope! I'm back one week later and it's amazing. I still have a little swelling, but only need an ibuprofen once or twice a day. I'm even walking without a limp!