Patient Testimonial - 2015-09-21 Rating: 5
6 weeks out from left hip scope and I wish I had the procedure a lot sooner than I did. Best decision I have made about my body.

Patient Testimonial - 2015-09-21 Rating: 5
Fractured knee, surgery to repair, really nice fella, Dr. Baxter is the!

Patient Testimonial - 2015-09-11 Rating: 5
Knee replacement left Best Dr. Malcolm Baxter and his entire team at premier sports in southern hills. I recommend to everyone whose in need of a great team. I feel blessed that a friend referred me,very satisfied extraordinary team.

Patient Testimonial - 2015-09-01 Rating: 5
I had a right hip surgery to repair a torn labrum. The surgery went very well. Dr. Baxter seems to be very competent and does great work as a surgeon.

Patient Testimonial - 2015-08-28 Rating: 5
Rt. Rotator cuff surgery. Had a great experience overall. Had minimal pain, quick recovery and excellent physical therapy/rehab. Doctor and staff were awesome and excellent. Very happy with results and glad I had it done.

Patient Testimonial - 2015-08-14 Rating: 5
3 months out from rotator cuff repair , excellent experience and would do surgery with Dr. Baxter again.

Patient Testimonial - 2015-08-10 Rating: 5
Had rotator cuff surgery 9 months ago. Back to exercising like before. Couldn't do a push-up before surgery now I can do as many as before I got injured. Pleased with results!

Patient Testimonial - 2015-07-30 Rating: 5
At 6 weeks after total shoulder replacement, I have excellent mobility and reuse of my arm. I have had very little pain in the whole process. Just wish I had not waited so long to have it done. The Lord led me to the perfect doctor who also prays for you prior to surgery.

Patient Testimonial - 2015-07-27 Rating: 5
I am 6 weeks out from total knee replacement and I highly recommend Doctor Baxter. He was very informative and I never felt rush during any my consolations. He answered all my questions and helped me understand what to expect before surgery, during surgery as well as what to expect in rehab. I was thrilled with the results. I had surgery on Monday, out on Tuesday and in out patient rehab on Thursday. I did exactly what Dr Baxter requested and I was on my walker for 2 weeks, my cane for 1week and walking 1 mile at the gym in 5 weeks. I am ready for my next knee replacement and would have no one else but Doctor Baxter. Thank you for you wisdom and encouragement.

Patient Testimonial - 2015-07-22 Rating: 5
18 months out from rotator cuff surgery on my right shoulder, I am so very please with the surgery Dr. Baxter performed on my shoulder, I am back to normal lifting, pulling, jerking etc. I recommend Dr. Baxter to anyone with a rotator cuff injury. He is the greatest.

Patient Testimonial - 2015-07-17 Rating: 5
1week, out from right knee scope , Walking well, almost no pain after torn meniscus cleaned up. Dr. Baxter and his staff were great. Very good location-his office and surgery center are in the same bldg, easy in and out. I would highly recommend Dr.Baxter!

Patient Testimonial - 2015-06-30 Rating: 5
Had both knees replaced; I am very thankful for the time and concerns from Dr.M.Baxter's caring spirit. I am very happy to receive great care. Now I can walk and sleep without the pain in my knees. I am very guess that it is over and I should have done them sooner. But,I thank God for a caring and praying doctor such as Dr.M.Baxter. May God continue blessing him and his family.

Patient Testimonial - 2015-06-25 Rating: 5
I am currently 8 weeks post-op for rotator cuff surgery and am thrilled with the results. Pain and numbness are gone and recovery has moved along much better than anticipated.

Patient Testimonial - 2015-06-25 Rating: 5
One week offer total shoulder replacement I'm doing great. Better than ever expected and so soon. If you need surgery, Dr Baxter is the best. I should have done it sooner.

Patient Testimonial - 2015-06-18 Rating: 5
8 months out on left hip scope and six weeks out from surgery on my right hip scope with labral repair and the surgery has been life changing in the best way possible. Nearly all my pain is gone and I couldn't be more appreciative of Dr. Baxter and what he did for me.

Patient Testimonial - 2015-06-12 Rating: 5
2 weeks out from left total knee replacement, My experience with my left knee replacement went extremely well. Currently, I have completed two weeks of rehab and have succeeded goals. Dr Baxter and his staff are professional and passionate. I would highly recommend dr Baxter for knee replacement.

Patient Testimonial - 2015-06-10 Rating: 5
I had right knee surgery. Dr. Baxter was incredible. He walked my wife and I through the process and made sure we were well informed. On the day of surgery Dr. Baxter came in for pre-op and spoke with us and then PRAYED with us before the surgery. AMEN! One week into recovery and my knee fees great. I am moving better on it than I have in years. If you need a good Orthopaedic Doctor, go see Dr. Baxter and his folks at Premiere Orthopaedic in Nashville, Tennessee. Great folks.

Patient Testimonial - 2015-06-10 Rating: 5
Dr. Baxter was outstanding I am 1week post op for hip scope ican tell a difference in the way I feel.

Patient Testimonial - 2015-05-28 Rating: 5
Very good experience. Dr. Baxter thoroughly explained the procedure and what to expect post-operatively.

Patient Testimonial - 2015-05-14 Rating: 5
I have had a wonderful experience with Dr Baxter and staff for my rotator cuff surgery. I would like to recommend this facility for any type of Orthopaedic needs you might have.

Patient Testimonial - 2015-05-12 Rating: 5
This is THE Place to GO for your shoulder issues and more. Highly recommended.

Patient Testimonial - 2015-04-30 Rating: 5
It's been 3 months since my knee replacement surgery and I am doing great. My range of motion is really good and muscles are getting stronger again. I will be getting the other knee done in the near future. Dr. Baxter is the best!  

Patient Testimonial - 2015-04-30 Rating: 5
One week postop of right arm fracture. Suture site looks great and some mobility has returned already.Dr.Baxter was very professional and courteous.

Patient Testimonial - 2015-04-21 Rating: 5
Quick to get a-1service 5 starts would come back

Patient Testimonial - 2015-04-21 Rating: 5
6 weeks out from total shoulder replacement, things went great and compared to before surgery, the pain is very little. Dr Baxter did a fantastic job.