Reviews for Dr. Jayashree Srinivasan

Patient Testimonial - 2017-02-17 Rating: 5
Love this office! Everyone was just awesome to work with!

Patient Testimonial - 2017-02-10 Rating: 5
My neck is vastly improved. Thank you!

Patient Testimonial - 2017-02-03 Rating: 5
Dr. Srinivasan and her PA Sonni provided me with great care for cervical disc disease. After years of pain, I am back to swimming, biking, and sleeping through the night.  

Patient Testimonial - 2016-12-23 Rating: 5
Spectacularly successful double fusion. I got my life back.

Patient Testimonial - 2016-12-16 Rating: 5
Have not felt this good since 2010.

Patient Testimonial - 2016-12-12 Rating: 5
I had a great experience from the start. During my first appointment with her, Dr. Srinivasan diagnosed my bone spurs, identified options, and provided a couple recommendations. When I had the fusion and foraminotomy procedures, the surgical team was professional and very pleasant. The overnight stay was comfortable and my postoperative experience has been very good. I am not in pain anymore. I'm very glad I came here.

Patient Testimonial - 2016-12-12 Rating: 5
I consider my back surgery to be a great success. Dr. Srinivasan has been outstanding.

Patient Testimonial - 2016-12-09 Rating: 5
I have a new life!! A life with no pain! I am so thankful for Dr. Srinivasan and her surgical abilities!!  

Patient Testimonial - 2016-12-09 Rating: 5
Dr. Srinivasan and her staff are the best!

Patient Testimonial - 2016-12-09 Rating: 5
Very knowledgeable and easy to talk to.  

Patient Testimonial - 2016-12-05 Rating: 5
I am thrilled with the results of the surgery. My low back pain, as well as the radiating pain and numbness in my legs and feet are gone. The only frustrating part of this experience has been communication. I really wish someone had told me up front that returning to anything relating to exercise could take up to 3-6 months. I was told that people go back to work as early 10 days and after 1 month, I was still in substantial pain and began to worry that something had gone wrong. It wasn't until I was 5 weeks postoperative that I had any sense of what I should realistically expect. A little more information upfront would have saved me a lot of worry.  

Patient Testimonial - 2016-12-02 Rating: 5
Dr. Srinivasan is a great doctor and surgeon. She genuinely cares about her patients. I knew she could be trusted with my surgery from the moment I met her. I highly recommend her for anyone considering neurosurgery.  

Patient Testimonial - 2016-11-04 Rating: 5
Thank you to the entire office staff for prompt and professional service. Thank you doesn't even cover my gratitude for Dr Srinivasan. Her knowledge, caring, and superb surgical skills allowed me to feel safe while under her care. As an RN, I am not easily impressed by physicians, but from my first contact over the phone to my last postoperative visit, this office and Dr. Srinivasan have far surpassed the recommended standard of care. I would recommend her highly.  

Patient Testimonial - 2016-11-04 Rating: 5
I will NEVER be able to thank you enough. You gave me back an active life at 58 years old. Thank you so very much.  

Patient Testimonial - 2016-10-28 Rating: 5
Changed my life. I'm back to living again! Thank you so much!  

Patient Testimonial - 2016-10-28 Rating: 5
Everything was top notch.  

Patient Testimonial - 2016-10-21 Rating: 5
Great job. I feel much better. Thank you.  

Patient Testimonial - 2016-10-18 Rating: 5
Great care and excellent service.

Patient Testimonial - 2016-10-14 Rating: 5
Dr. Srinivasan is great!  

Patient Testimonial - 2016-10-07 Rating: 5
The surgery saved my life. I was in so much pain struggling to get through the day. I am so thankful that Dr. Srinivasan was mentioned and that she was able to see me within a few days. Her and her team were amazing. My back is doing better than ever. I'm now focused on healing and slowly getting back into my regular routines without hardly any pain, thanks to Dr. S!  

Patient Testimonial - 2016-10-03 Rating: 5
It has been a year since my neck surgery. I am pain free and extremely pleased with my results.  

Patient Testimonial - 2016-09-30 Rating: 5
I am pain free as of now. It had been 18 months of pain before I had surgery on my lower back and spine. Being referred to Dr. Srinivasan was the best thing that could have happened to me. I am blessed.  

Patient Testimonial - 2016-09-30 Rating: 5
Thank you for all of the care you provide. I trust that I'm in excellent hands.

Patient Testimonial - 2016-09-23 Rating: 5
Thank you.

Patient Testimonial - 2016-09-23 Rating: 4
Great results. Appointments sometimes felt rushed, but I always got the questions I remembered to ask answered.