Reviews for Dr. Jayashree Srinivasan

Patient Testimonial - 2018-11-02 Rating: 5
Excellent quality care by Dr. Srinivasan, Sonni, and their team. Pain free for first time in a year. I can't thank them enough. I would trust them with any family member.    

Patient Testimonial - 2018-11-02 Rating: 5
Excellent and efficient office staff. Most important, fantastic surgeon and team.  

Patient Testimonial - 2018-11-02 Rating: 5
She has the best surgeon team! Everyone is nice, kind, and does what they can to help you. I had a whole new back without complications. I would recommend them to everyone.  

Patient Testimonial - 2018-11-02 Rating: 5
I feel better than I've felt in years! Dr. Srinivasan and Sonni are amazing. I've gotten many compliments on the incision and been asked who has done the surgery. AMAZING!!!!    

Patient Testimonial - 2018-10-29 Rating: 5
Thank you for a job well done!

Patient Testimonial - 2018-10-29 Rating: 5
Thank you for giving me my life back! Your skill and compassion is so much appreciated. Thank you so very much.

Patient Testimonial - 2018-10-26 Rating: 5
Very happy with my results, pain free. I have referred multiple people to the office since my procedure.

Patient Testimonial - 2018-10-26 Rating: 5
Very happy with my outcome. I no longer have neck pain.

Patient Testimonial - 2018-10-19 Rating: 5
Wonderful experience. Great team of professionals.

Patient Testimonial - 2018-10-19 Rating: 5
I came to Dr. Srinivasan with horrible leg pain and a feeling that the quality of my life had become compromised. She looked at my MRI and CAT scan, and then explained my situation. She was compassionate, as well as professional. My life is back just 2 weeks after my surgery. Both Sonni and Dr. Srinivasan have been amazing through all of this. Complete trust and faith in this team. The front office and surgery co-coordinator were terrific also.    

Patient Testimonial - 2018-10-15 Rating: 5
Amazing office. I was in so much pain and the front desk staff got me in the next day. Follow-up consult over the phone with Dr. Srinivasan herself to save me a trip back to the office. Had my surgery and I am pain free! My follow up appt was great! Thank you to Dr. Srinivasan, Sonni, and all the staff!   

Patient Testimonial - 2018-10-12 Rating: 5
I feel like my quality of life was restored after surgery. Thank you!  

Patient Testimonial - 2018-10-05 Rating: 5
In my opinion, Dr. Srinivasan is a miracle worker. Calm, confident, and very clear on what the procedure entails. She answered every question I had (and I had many!) without any rush and made it easy for me to proceed. Four months after my surgery, I'm back playing golf, without any lingering weakness in my arm. Her team from the receptionists to her assistant (Sonni) are fantastic and make you feel comfortable before and after the surgery. I'm lucky and fortunate to have found Dr. Srinivasan through a friend's recommendation.    

Patient Testimonial - 2018-09-28 Rating: 5
Dr. Srinivasan has helped me with herniated discs three times. If needed, I will absolutely return to her for number four!  

Patient Testimonial - 2018-09-21 Rating: 5
Outstanding service with exceptional results!

Patient Testimonial - 2018-08-17 Rating: 5
My original neck surgery was in 2011, with great results. Had to go back in 2016 for a second surgery that was not successful. The surgeon wanted to do the same procedure again, and that terrified me because of how horrible the previous recovery was. I decided to get a second opinion from Dr. Srinivasan, and am so thankful I did!!! She immediately recognized the issues, listened to me, validated my feelings and thoughts, and fixed me! She performed my third neck surgery and, looking back, I wish I had found her in the beginning! Her bedside manner is fantastic, she is confident, and highly skilled! Her assistant, Sonni, is equally fantastic! I have spoken with a dozen other health care providers in Thurston and Pierce Counties, and she is well know even that far away. I have even been told she is the surgeon other surgeons go to for treatment. I am so thankful for the relief from my pain that she has given me.    

Patient Testimonial - 2018-06-29 Rating: 5
Thank you for changing my life!

Patient Testimonial - 2018-06-22 Rating: 5
Dr. Srinivasan and Sonni are the best!  

Patient Testimonial - 2018-06-01 Rating: 5
You did an amazing job on my disc replacement and I am extremely grateful to you! After two years, I am finally pain free!!

Patient Testimonial - 2018-05-18 Rating: 5
Excellent care and service from Dr. Srinivasan, Sonni, and the team! Highly recommend!  

Patient Testimonial - 2018-05-11 Rating: 5
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Patient Testimonial - 2018-04-20 Rating: 5
Life saver! Could not have found a better team of professionals. Am so grateful to be pain free from the chronic, mind numbing pain.  

Patient Testimonial - 2018-04-13 Rating: 5
Dr. Srinivasan and Sonni are amazing! I am so thankful a friend recommended Dr. Srinivasan's office. She is honest and won't waste your time. She sits and listens to all your concerns and will answer all your questions. I was in pain for a year with a protrusion, herniation, and sciatic pain. The day of surgery, I had instant pain relief! I highly recommend Seattle Neurosurgery and Dr. Srinivasan.    

Patient Testimonial - 2018-04-06 Rating: 5
I cannot say enough about Dr. Srinivasan. From the very beginning when I first met her, I felt that I was in very good hands. She made me feel comfortable and confident in her ability to help me. Sonni, her physician's assistant, was also very helpful during my hospital stay and the office visits. Sonni was very thorough, kind, and compassionate. My surgery was very successful and my pain has been alleviated. I have been able to resume my normal activities. I am very grateful for the time spent to explain what I was going to have done. The surgery went very well, my recovery was very minimal, and I was well taken care of throughout the whole process. I would highly recommend you be evaluated by Dr. Srinivasan and her staff. Thank you so very much.    

Patient Testimonial - 2018-03-23 Rating: 5
Dr. Srinivasan and Sonni were absolutely amazing! I was so lucky to have been referred to them! I went from excruciating back and leg pain, as well as numbness to getting back to my normal activities and playing with my kids in just a matter of a couple months after my surgery! Their service and quality care is top notch! I would recommend them to anyone!