Reviews for Dr. Jayashree Srinivasan

Patient Testimonial - 2018-02-05 Rating: 5
Immediately after surgery, it's hard to know how complete my recovery will be. Right now though, I have no pain and I'm very happy with how professionally, compassionately, and honestly I've been treated.  

Patient Testimonial - 2018-02-02 Rating: 5
What a life saver!!! Everybody at the center was kind, accommodating, and compassionate. To be able to live pain free is wonderful, and having everything explained really helped me get through the process. I can't thank you enough for the wonderful work.

Patient Testimonial - 2018-01-19 Rating: 5
Love you guys, thanks for giving me my pain free life back!

Patient Testimonial - 2018-01-19 Rating: 5
Very pleased with Dr. Srinivasan and the staff of her office. I had surgery for a protruded disc in my neck. I have been doing great since. I am pain free. You are in great hands with Dr. Srinivasan. Very smart, very thoughtful.  

Patient Testimonial - 2017-12-22 Rating: 5
This team literally saved my entire quality of life. I could not be more grateful. Dr. Srinivasan and her team are wonderful to work with.  

Patient Testimonial - 2017-12-15 Rating: 5
Well taken care of by Dr. Srinivasan and Sonni. Could not be happier!

Patient Testimonial - 2017-12-15 Rating: 5
Dr. Srinivasan and her staff are absolutely the real deal. I would recommend to anyone. Special recognition to Sonni and her always sunny attitude.  

Patient Testimonial - 2017-12-11 Rating: 5
The best and only team for this procedure. As I said before, no one else will ever touch my spine but this team!  

Patient Testimonial - 2017-12-11 Rating: 5
Dr. Srinivasan is amazing! She cared about me specifically, asked lots of questions, was very sympathetic, and gave me my options as well as her opinion. I was in incredible pain and she really understood. She took the necessary steps to care for me and alleviate the pain. She did my surgery, checked on me, and was kind throughout the process. Her care for her patients is amazing and I am so grateful that I found her. Her staff and Sonni, her PA, are also caring and helpful. Great all around.  

Patient Testimonial - 2017-12-08 Rating: 5
Staff was awesome, kind, and helpful. My procedure was flawless and I'm happy to be healing so I can play again. The only small complaint would be the waiting at an office visit. Both visits started at least 15 minutes after the scheduled appointment. Otherwise, splendid!!!  

Patient Testimonial - 2017-12-08 Rating: 5
My experience here has been overwhelmingly positive!

Patient Testimonial - 2017-12-04 Rating: 5
First rate service. Best Neurosurgeon I've ever worked with.

Patient Testimonial - 2017-12-01 Rating: 5
Dr. Srinivasan explained my situation, what my back was experiencing, and why the pain was so intense. The surgical process was also explained so I could understand. I will encourage anyone to seek her help with back pain. Thank you so much. I feel brand new.  

Patient Testimonial - 2017-11-20 Rating: 5
Thank you so much. I have not felt this good in years. Thank you, Dr. Srinivasan, for giving me my life back.  

Patient Testimonial - 2017-11-03 Rating: 5
Great doctor and service! You can tell they are invested in your health and overall well being!

Patient Testimonial - 2017-10-27 Rating: 5
I came in with a blown out cervical disc, loss of right arm function, and pain like an ice pick in my shoulder blade. Postoperative, I'm pain free and regaining strength in my arm. I could not be more pleased with the quality of care by Dr. Srinivasan and her team, as well as the outcome. Thank you.  

Patient Testimonial - 2017-10-20 Rating: 5
Dr. Srinivasan did a great job. 6 months after major back surgery, I am back being fully active with none of the pain I was experiencing before. The difference has been like night and day. I would recommend her highly. Her staff and surgical assistant are all top notch.  

Patient Testimonial - 2017-10-13 Rating: 5
Thank you for giving me my life back! I'm better than new!!!  

Patient Testimonial - 2017-10-09 Rating: 5
Thank you for your expertise and care!

Patient Testimonial - 2017-10-06 Rating: 5
Sonni and Dr. Srinivasan have been amazing! Can't recommend them enough.

Patient Testimonial - 2017-09-11 Rating: 5
Dr. Srinivasan has done 2 microdiscectomies on me and I've been very happy with the results. Significant reduction of pain and a return to my daily life. She's always able to answer questions within a day and overall I feel very supported by her. I hope to never have to do this again, but if I do, it will be with her.  

Patient Testimonial - 2017-09-01 Rating: 5
Dr. Srinivasan and her assistant, Sonni, have guided me through this back surgery expertly. I would recommend their services if you need this procedure, though I wouldn't wish it on anyone.  

Patient Testimonial - 2017-08-28 Rating: 5
I am very happy with my surgery. The pain is gone.

Patient Testimonial - 2017-08-28 Rating: 5
Dr. Srinivasan and Sonni took great care of me. The outcome seems to be going very much in the right direction. Thank you for improving my quality of life safely and effectively!  

Patient Testimonial - 2017-08-25 Rating: 5
I have been so happy with the care given to me by Dr. Srinivasan and her entire team. Dr. Srinivasan is an artist in the OR and her bedside manner is outstanding. Thank you so much!